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Tucker Bulleit Fayette County


"I come from a family that is proud to have been involved
with public service for as long as I can remember.
I want to work for you. I know what it takes to find solutions and get things done."
#1 I surveyed multiple law enforcement deputies and officers in the summer of 2021. Their answers revealed bigger issues about leadership, and highlighted failures, across the board, regarding challenges on how to effectively manage a department. 

I do not run on promises or hopes and dreams. I have real goals, backed by statistical data. My survey results provide Fayette County residents with valuable insight into the matters that affect our community, the sheriff’s office and community policing between the two. These results are published under the "Survey Results" tab, and help us contemplate the next steps and take action, together, in solidarity to voice deputies’ concerns to the media, politicians, advocacy groups, policymakers and the general public. 

#2 The writings on the website are my own, and the "Topics of Discussion" tab can be used to delve deeper into the issues that plague our communities.

I have political positions, just like any individual should, but I am running my campaign as the least political that I can. This office falls under a partisan election, but proposed change is necessary to bring this department into the 21st century. Although I had an IT Team help with layout, the entire website contains my own writing and opinions. This election may or may not be picked up by the news outlets. 2022 is an important year for elections across the United States. Please take a read through the "Topics of Discussion" to learn about my stances on national and local challenges. I am not afraid to speak what is on my mind, and it's only fair that diligent voters are aware of how I address many of these pressing problems we face in the law enforcement community.

#3 I'm an advocate for new uniforms for the entire department, revisions to time off management, and updates to both the tattoo and facial hair policies.

A new uniform change is realistic, efficient, cost-saving, and smart. Along with other departmental policy changes, my efforts will bring the department into the 2020's, while still appearing professional, appropriate and respectful.

#4 If you're looking for a campaign with a different effect, you've come to the right place... 

Politicians are "supposed to" get tv spots, run radio ads and pay small fortunes for billboard space in their towns to market their campaigns. I have worked hard, for more than a year, to create the most a-typical campaign I could design that could still beat a sitting incumbent in the end. I have hired some of the best local artists in Central Kentucky, to paint my murals. By getting them off the streets, I am giving them a second chance to prove themselves. Secondly, instead of plastering our roads with more useless advertising signage; I've come up with a creative way to beautify our local neighborhoods. 

#5 I believe getting our troubled youth off the street will decrease our growing gun-violence statistics.

Through my initiative called "Coach 5-0" I intend to clean up our inner-city communities by getting our young adults off the street and enrolled into athletic programs for the betterment of our neighborhoods, families involved, and the Fayette County community as a whole.

#6 Lexington smART Program, it's new, it's's fun!

This program enables children and youth (in conflict with the law) to contribute positively to society through creative and supportive development art programs in jail and after their release. The smART Program checks many “boxes,” is cost-effective, and benefits our detention center, our troubled youth, our law enforcement community, our court system and our general public. We get these kids off the streets, we build confidence in them by allowing them to express themselves artistically, we provide them relatable mentors that know how to reach them on a personal level, and all of this occurs at an expense that almost any budget can fit with the resources provided or donated along the way. It’s smart, it’s efficient, it’s effective and it’s why “New Thinking” comes when you vote for this “New Sheriff.”

#7 I'm highly-educated and an incredibly hard worker.

I received a Graduate Certificate in Criminal Justice in Strategic Management, from Boston University. Why? Because I believe that planning and budgeting really are at the center of all things organizational. The U.S. News & World Report named BU's Criminal Justice program #2 in 2021 and it has ranked in the Top 4, in the nation, since 2015.

#8 I hark the importance of community policing and crime reduction.

By encouraging and implementing policies that support community-based partnerships, deputies can then reduce crime and increase trust between the department and the public. I believe it's imperative to build transparency and legitimacy in Fayette County. This law enforcement agency must not be solely seen by the community as an occupying force, but also as a legitimate, trusted and fair authority in the future.

#9 I know that we live in a city hungry for inspiration, and I can tell that its' residents are ready for new leadership. Vote for me and let me deliver the change in leadership that Fayette County truly deserves after all these years. 

I am seeking public office, because I believe that I’m called to run. I believe I can do better- and I’m willing to try. When you vote for me, you're hiring me to make decisions for you. Therefore, the goal of this campaign is to prove to you that you can trust me to carry out that job. Please take a thorough look through the multiple tabs at the top of the website, and I have no doubt that you'll be able to see the flaws that exist in upper management at the current Fayette County Sheriff's Office..

#10 I have set my goal on winning the election, and then all of my attention turns to dedicating my time to transforming the department into the modern office it should be.

I'm constantly seeking purpose in what I do for a living, and at the same time, I want to know that the job I'm doing is helping others. That's why I question where I'm going next and why. Money is important, and I enjoy making it; however, I long to be part of something bigger than oneself. The workplace doesn't define me like it did for so many Boomers. If I need to take a pay cut, so that my deputies are better situated -then that is the way to go. I like finding my own definition of success. To me, it means passion before paycheck- meaning over money- and hopefully this website will indicate my true passions and intentions. 

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