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Tucker Bulleit Fayette County


"Here's an opportunity to do something that will impact the community."
Everyone can be great. Because anyone can serve.

Please consider joining my team
so that we can help bring New Thinking to the Fayette County Sheriff's Office.
A Personal Message from Tucker:
I would like to take a minute, to personally thank you, for your interest in my campaign. To me, I'm impartial to which side of the political spectrum you prefer to stand; what does matter is that you take time this May and VOTE.

A thank you also goes to all of our first responders for their selfless service to our community. To our Law Enforcement agencies, Fire & Emergency services, and our Healthcare workers...a hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than themselves. We must not forget to be appreciative of those who work hard to protect and serve us on a daily basis.

Thank you to our faithful military veterans, whether they be active, retired, deceased or POW/MIA. Your service is never forgotten.

Finally, thank you to the family and friends that have tasked me with this uphill challenge, and supported me the entire way. Your support never goes unnoticed.

A vote from the people means a vote for change. If you'd like to see change in Fayette County then bring New Thinking to the Sheriff's Office by electing a New Sheriff in 2022.

Thank you for your continued support,

Tucker Bulleit
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